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Mazteck specializes in IT Consulting, Security Cameras (CCTV), Digital Phone Systems for businesses, and Door Entry Systems.
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VoIP System

Say goodbye to your old phone system and phone monopoly.  Mazteck offers complete business systems with unlimited calling plans.

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Computer Repair

Mazteck offers complete IT solutions for your business or organization. From virus removal to complete network integration services.

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Surveillance and Door Security

We offer complete turnkey CCTV surveillance systems with web and mobile access.  We also offer door security systems.

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Tri-State's Leading Company
All Mazteck technicians are experts in the field and always just minutes away.
About Mazteck

Mazteck is one of the Tri-State’s leading Technology Companies. All Mazteck technicians are experts in the field and always just minutes away. We are confident that no matter what your need is, we will have the complete solution…

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VoIP Phone Systems

Complete VoIP Solutions at Mazteck

VoIP system is getting popular because they are very easy to setup and use. Who needs the digital phone system when you can pick phone calls without being physically present in your home? Yes, the calls can be picked from your mobiles using easy to use mobile applications. Mazteck will help you setup the system in your home as well as on your mobile.

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Mazteck is been from the last 14 years in the IT field & helped 100’s of clients so far. Read the testimonials:

Our company has been using Mazteck for all our phone and internet needs for over 6 years and they have always provided us with excellent, fast, and consistent service throughout. Of even more importance to our company however, is that our services are delivered with a smil

Kerry Kruse

Customers Testimonials
After Hurricane Sandy caused a power and phone outage in our office that lasted nearly two weeks, I wanted to transform our communication system into a virtual network which could allow me to work from home, a temporary space, or the other side of the country in the event

Robert Lee

Customers Testimonials
All my experiences with Mazteck has been superior from the initial phone call to the completion of the assignment. Polite, prompt responses and flawless workmanship has been great!! Thank You for your service.

Dolores Geisow

Customers Testimonials
We appreciate the quality work that Mazteck provides. They are proficient and prompt. Phone system installed by them provides a high quality connections at a good reasonable prices. Thank You!

Sami Mikhail

Customers Testimonials
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