Mazteck is an IT Company that assembles the devoted teams of IT professionals in order to help YOU thrive

Working with the small to medium-sized businesses of NJ and NYC for 14 years has made Mazteck the most trusted IT consulting company.

Moreover, the in-field work has equipped us with enough experience and knowledge to understand your IT needs.

Our IT professionals dig deeper into your industry-specific needs and business-specific IT demands to provide you with custom IT solutions.

Few Of Our Services:

Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services liberate you from every concern with your IT department. We integrate and maintain your computer networks and servers. Not only this, but we also take care of software updates and hardware repairing.

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Complete IT Solutions

We take care of your system and every bit of data; storage and security. From disaster management and recovery to keep your business up with the updated technology, we do it all.

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Communication System

Our business communication services help you automate your communication system via VoIP. Through this, you get rid of the manual calling system and save time.

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Website Maintenance

We offer website maintenance and web-design services. To ensure smooth user-experience we monitor, analyze and update your website. Moreover, our team also ensures decreased bounce rate and mounted conversion.

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Computer Repair & Maintenance

Our computer repair and maintenance services help you run uninterrupted business operations. Our on-the-call teams never let your computers run out of order. Your networks are integrated and end-users enjoy a smooth experience.

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Surveillance & Security

We set up your surveillance and security system by strategically installing CCTV camera at your workplace. Our high-level security services ensure the riddance of any breaching chance in your office.

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Mazteck is Your Eternal Partner for Technology Solutions in NJ and NYC

Continuously evolving and updating technology revolutionizes the way a business operates. But, Information Technology is not easy to handle. For instance, it costs a lot, requires high-tech tools and undivided attention.

In the United States, an individual IT specialist costs high. Normally, an IT specialist charges $46,420 annually. This amount is definitely not possible to pay for a small business. So, how do you take care of that?

You outsource your IT projects to IT company like Mazteck which has all the mastery as well as equipment to make it work. A company which has tools you don’t need to buy and professionals who will otherwise cost you thousands of dollars. Therefore, we say, Mazteck is your cost-effective IT solution.

Bring Value to Your Business with all your IT Needs Well Taken Care of

Mazteck is an IT company that helps small to medium-sized businesses in NJ and NYC reach their potential by taking care of their IT needs. Networks are monitored and managed, data is stored and secured and workflow stays consistent.

Don’t let your small business stay left-out.

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Our Partners

In order to deploy the best practices in our IT solution strategies, we have partnered with the industry leaders. It enables us to provide our customers with the best Information Technology services in NJ and NYC.

Our Testimonials

Let’s hear from our valuable clients.

Our company has been using Mazteck for all our phone and internet needs for over 6 years and they have always provided us with excellent, fast, and consistent service throughout. Of even more importance to our company however, is that our services are delivered with a smile…

Kerry Kruse
Customer Testimonial

After Hurricane Sandy caused a power and phone outage in our office that lasted nearly two weeks, I wanted to transform our communication system into a virtual network which could allow me to work from home, a temporary space, or the other side of the country in the event…

Robert Lee
Customer Testimonial

Secure Your Data, Extend Your Day, and Expand Your Resources by Outsourcing your IT Services to Mazteck

We are best at what we do. Therefore, you will no longer be distracted from your core business functions and all of your software and hardware problems will be solved before even starting.

By working with Mazteck you will get:


Consistent and Predictable Experience


Fast Problem Solving


Efficient Operations


Downtime? Never Happening!


The uninterrupted flow of Services


Decreased Risks of Breaching


Complied IT Support


Augmented In-House Resources