Small Business VoIP Phone System

Flexible solution, responsive support & easy to setup services makes Mazteck the best small business voip phone system & service provider!

Complete VoIP Solution For Small Business Organizations

Are you looking to meet and surpass the ever-changing customer expectations? Do you wish to make your loyal customers more valued and ultimately grow your customer base? At Mazteck, we can help turn things around for the better, and give you a competitive edge in the business world.
Technological advancements augmented by the growth of the internet have contributed to large-scale growth in the business sector. Whereas the internet helps level the playing field for businesses involved in different industries, technological advancements come with a limitation; cost. In other words, disruptive technologies such as Chatbots and virtual assistance can easily be afforded by large corporations. However, the small and mid-sized businesses may find it harder, in light of their limited funds, to afford such technologies.
That is why we’ve come up with a solution for small businesses looking to advance in an ever competitive market. Enter VoIP phone system for small business corporations. This particular system is a communications solution that is specifically designed to help small businesses grow.


At Mazteck, we take on the perspective of small business owners in order to recognize their needs, wants and limitations. This allows us to work within those factors to provide IT solutions to your communication problems effectively.

VoIP benefits for small business!

Improved customer acquisition and retention

Our VoIP phone system for small business focuses on making work within your organization easier and faster. Moreover, this system is also designed to improve communication between you and your customers. This later translates in improved customer acquisition and retention, due to higher customer satisfaction.

Adjustable to your preferences/needs

We, at Mazteck, modify our VoIP services for small business organizations to suit and meet every customer’s individual preferences/needs. We ensure that our services are perfectly affordable, are easy to use and sustain over time.

Increased productivity & performance

With this small business VoIP system, not only will you meet and exceed customer expectations, you’ll have more time to focus on less menial tasks. Of course, this will increase your company’s performance, as well as encourage productivity among your employees.

Rapid Growth

The system’s scalable nature fits perfectly with small businesses that seek to grow rapidly through the use of high- quality systems such as our own.

Our Small Business VoIP Features Include:

As previously mentioned, our communications solution system is specifically designed to rival the technologies that large corporations implement. Of course, the simplicity and ease of using the system help. However, the features are what make this VoIP phone system for small business corporations cutting-edge and second to none.

  • Voice, video, and chat
  • Respond to calls quickly from anywhere
  • Use VoIP from anywhere on any device
  • Web portal/Dashboard
  • Portal to listen to all recordings
  • Call monitoring
  • Video conferencing
  • Call Recording
  • Unlimited callings
  • Unlimited call queue with callers holding
  • Call analytics
  • Call parking
  • Unlimited paging
  • Real-time display from any Web Browser
  • …And many more!

We Promise ``No Hidden Cost!``

Professional Plan for 1-24 users

$ 29
Unlimited Calling
Unlimited Extensions
Web Administration
No Contracts
Includes Provisioning and Setup
Unlimited Phone & Email Support

Business Plan for 25-49 users

$ 27
.95 / Month
Unlimited Calling
Unlimited Extensions
Web Administration
No Contracts
Includes Provisioning and Setup
Unlimited Phone & Email Support

Enterprise Plan for 50+ users

$ 24
.95 / Month
Unlimited Calling
Unlimited Extensions
Web Administration
No Contracts
Includes Provisioning and Setup
Unlimited Phone & Email Support

Work With Mazteck!

We guarantee that our system is not only one of the best on the market, but also one of the most cost-effective for any small business. For demo or more information about our VoIP phone system, please call our sales representative today!

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