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We love Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) because of the amazing features it offers to all size of businesses! We have successfully installed 100+ VoIP phone system connections in entire NJ.

Complete VoIP Solution

Mazteck is the leading VoIP provider in NJ, NYC & all over the USA.  We offer complete VoIP solutions that any business will be looking for such as: hosted VoIP, phone setup, customer support, guiding about VoIP & much more.

Mazteck has installed more than 100 connections and counting. We recommend VoIP to every business because we believe that every business must have a reliable & cost-effective internet communication system. The VoIP is exactly one of the revolutions that any business must look for.

Also, the quality of our VoIP service makes us the most loved VoIP company for any type of small to medium-sized business. At the same time, we make sure that our VoIP systems are not just ordinary but have the best, clear, and HD communication capabilities.

Whether you need a brand new installation or your system isn’t working fine, Our IT team will be with you 24/7, just call us and our technician will solve your issue in no time.


Mazteck offers affordable, scalable, HD quality VOIP solutions with must-have amazing features. These features make us the best business VoIP service providers in NJ. Learn more about our features below:

Must Needed VoIP Features:

Mobile Integration

No need to be in front of the phone system every time. The mobile phone integration can help you to manage the VoIP calls in no time. You’ll get a call/SMS directly on your mobile phone. Just install and set up the easy to use APP on your mobile.

Voicemail to Email & SMS

Missed the call? Away from the phone? No worries, VoIP system allows you to check who called you! You’ll get a voicemail as email/SMS in few minutes.

Call Waiting & Transferring

Transfer the call to another user internationally. The call waiting & transferring allows you to show the presence of a user in the office to the caller.

Unlimited Phone Lines

Efficiently add up unlimited users to our scalable VoIP phone system. Without any per line charge or busy signals. This also Includes set ringing dial tones, queues, monitoring and much more.

Record Your Calls

Our system allows you to record any call with just one touch/click. Record any call by phone number, group, or call queue. You can always go to the customer portal and listen to the recorded calls anytime.

Unified Communication & Management

Administer and control all your users from a single dashboard. The easy to use dashboard also allows you to perform a complete device setup in less than 5 minutes.

Customized VoIP Based On The Requirements:

For Home Users

VoIP is getting very popular in home phone users because they allow unlimited high-speed internet calling from anywhere. The VoIP allows to pick the phone calls without being physically present at the home? The calls can be picked from the mobile instead of a landline phone. Mazteck will help you set up the system in your home as well as on your mobile. Also, the lowest, affordable and cheapest possible cost of our VoIP service makes it easier for anyone to afford it. While we offer the cheapest system it doesn’t mean that they are low quality or have a choppy voice. We guarantee the highest quality at an affordable cost.



For Small Business

Any small business owner who understands the importance of having a great communication system in office will look for VoIP phone service. The video conferencing, auto attendant, team meetings, call transfers are just a few features of VoIP that any business can take advantage of.

The Mazteck truly understands the need of VoIP for small businesses thus offer customized packages for them. Our VoIP service for small to medium sized business owners is affordable, scalable, it offers a clear, crisp sound & HD quality.

Also, the technician at Mazteck performs VoIP setup in offices at low cost & quick time.

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For Enterprises & Corporations

Large Corporations and enterprise-class businesses will always require communication systems that can hold a big amount of load, can be operated by a huge amount of users and can be easy to scale. At Mazteck, we provide VoIP solutions for enterprises. The enterprise-level VoIP at Mazteck can handle a huge number of users, and has unlimited features that your business will ever need.

Also, our tech support is 24/7 ready to help you if anything goes wrong.

If you’re a hospital, shopping mall, or a large business that is looking to expand and grow, this service is right for you! Our IT support will also set up this service for you business and make sure that the VoIP is configured and working every second. We won’t let you lose any customer or business by providing you with an amazingly customized business phone system at your organization.

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Complete VoIP Features:

Communication with your colleagues and customers was never been so easier and classy. Mazteck equipped the phone systems with some of the latest logics and technologies to make them more useful. Some of the features that are equipped with our system are:

  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Unlimited phone lines (No per line charge, NO MORE BUSY SIGNALS!!
  • Data center hosting
  • system customization
  • Web portal
  • Setup
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrades
  • Technical support
  • Call Recording
  • Intelligent Digital Receptionist
  • Voicemail: Voicemail to Email, Voicemail from web
  • Presence Control
  • Intelligent Call Queue with unlimited callers holding
  • Call parking
  • Call Conferencing
  • Dial-by-name
  • Intercom and paging with extensions and offices worldwide
  • Real-time display of Phone system from any Web Browser
  • Interface to listen to all recordings
  • Work from anywhere with a home extension, iPhone or Android App
  • …And many more!

Affordable VoIP Pricing Plans

Professional Plan for 1-24 users

$ 29
Unlimited Calling
Unlimited Extensions
Web Administration
No Contracts
Includes Provisioning and Setup
Unlimited Phone & Email Support

Business Plan for 25-49 users

$ 27
.95 / Month
Unlimited Calling
Unlimited Extensions
Web Administration
No Contracts
Includes Provisioning and Setup
Unlimited Phone & Email Support

Enterprise Plan for 50+ users

$ 24
.95 / Month
Unlimited Calling
Unlimited Extensions
Web Administration
No Contracts
Includes Provisioning and Setup
Unlimited Phone & Email Support

Work With Mazteck!

For more features or a demo please call your sales representative today! We guarantee that our system is not only one of the best on the market, but also one of the most cost effective. For more information, call us at 973-272-3234, or use the online contact form.

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