ransomwareIn the current digital age, a lot of businesses are operating online. The cloud is now one of the most integral parts of commerce and unlike in the past, sensitive business operations are conducted there. A lot of companies, due to the sensitivity of their data, have invested billions in cybersecurity. But even with that, the number of hacking and stolen data cases has continued to grow. One of the most common challenges for modern cybersecurity is ransomware. In this post, we will explain what it is and explain how you can protect your business against such malicious attacks.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to extort money from organizations or businesses. So, how does it work? Most of the time, ransomware is introduced to your personal computer or even your internal network through a spear phishing attack. This is where a hacker sends an innocuous email to employees in a business with the software attacked or linked to an external webpage. Hackers can impersonate renowned organizations to make sure the operation is as clandestine as possible. As soon as the ransomware is introduced into the system, it will encrypt all your emails and files. Every time you decide to access important emails you will get a message from the hacker demanding payments in order to decrypt the files that they already have. A lot of businesses end up paying and this can cost you a fortune.

How to Know If You Have Ransomware?

It’s very difficult to detect ransomware unless you have a very advanced cybersecurity system. In most cases, businesses detect it when it’s already too late. A message just pops up in your email demanding you to pay the money or you will never access your files again. As hackers continue to get innovative, it’s becoming harder even for advanced cybersecurity systems to detect ransomware.

Ransomcloud Demonstration with Kevin Mitnick

How to Protect Your Business from Ransomware?

Businesses can do a number of things to reduce the risk of a ransomware attack. Here are some of the most important steps:
  1. Assess Areas of Vulnerability

The first thing is to assess your entire security system and determine areas where it’s venerable for a ransomware attack. Ask yourself this question, “If a ransomware attack was to target your business, what kind of data would the hacker go for?” How will he or she gain entry into the network or the computer?
  1. Back Up Your Data

The data is the most important thing in any ransomware attack. Hackers will want to gain control of sensitive data so that they can leverage it to extort money from your business. For example, if a hacker gains control of sensitive data needed to run your business, then you will have no choice but to pay up. But if you back it up, you can simply roll on even after the attack. Don’t forget to get ransomware backup protection though. Some hackers are also able to get to the backup. As a rule of thumb, always back up your data at least three times. You must also protect backups from ransomware at all times. The great thing is that very good ransomware cloud backup solutions exist and are available in the market at the moment.
  1. Get the Team on Board

Every business will obviously have a cybersecurity strategy. However, this cannot be useful if everyone is not on board. The best option on how to defend against ransomware is to ensure that employees are trained to detect any phishing attempt. Make sure they understand what to do in case they suspect an attack could be in progress. Download this complete report of 17 pages to Know Everything About Protecting And Preserving Company’s Critical Data & Computer Systems

How to Protect From Ransomware Using an External Service

Developing the required expertise to protect your business from malicious ransomware attacks can take time. This is why you need a trusted cybersecurity service to come in and help you put together the required strategy. Mazteck is here to help you. The company offers comprehensive IT support to small and medium scale businesses. For over 15 years, Mazteck has helped firms develop proactive security measures to tackle ransomware and other emerging threats. You can get in touch with them anytime and see how they can help you operate in a secure and efficient way.

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