23 Jan 2015

Safety is a basic human need and right. Places such as offices, educational institutions and homes are where individuals spend most of their time. Hence, each site needs to be secured suitably for stress-free living. Safe surroundings ensure increased productivity as the mind is at peace. Security systems that are currently available are highly competent, provide enhanced safety and are easy to operate. These security systems consist of more than a simple camera. They are also equipped with a recording device which is linked to a monitor that is used to observe the video captured. Homes and offices which have security systems installed are better protected from burglars and break-ins. If a burglary is attempted the burglars can be recognized through the video footage, arrested and then penalized.

Mazteck is a superior technology firm that assists in the installation of security systems. The skilled team of technicians employed by Mazteck ensures that each system is installed correctly. Each system is equipped with a camera which is used for surveillance. The experienced group of professionals can also suggest the appropriate spots for the placement of cameras thus, ensuring maximum coverage. Firstly, the office or home that requires installation of cameras is scoped. Next, the installation process begins. It involves installation of cameras in the allocated places and connecting them through cables. These cables are then connected to the recording equipment. These security systems also comprise of software that connects all the cameras to the device that is used to monitor. It is this software that allows remote access to the footage via the internet.

Mazteck offers different types of cameras for surveillance. Depending upon the client’s needs dome cameras, night vision cameras, cameras which are vandal proof or weatherproof cameras are used. These cameras deliver the finest service and cannot be debilitated or stolen. These cameras capture high definition color images which are crystal clear. These intelligent devices can be placed inside or outside a building without the risk of weather damages.

Many organizations choose to monitor the actions of their employees during office hours. The work an employee does on his/her computer can be monitored through dedicated software, which allows the employer to access the records of the activities performed on the device. Such monitoring ensures that the employees are working efficiently without indulging in any private activities that may hinder precious production time. Installing surveillance cameras in offices also ensures the same. The systems installed by Mazteck come with Digital Video Recorders which store the data on a hard disk. Storing data on the hard disk permits it to be converted into digital form from the original analog form. When a hard disk is used the user has several recording options at his/her disposal. One of the many options is that the recording might only take place when any motion is detected. This makes sure that valuable space on the hard disk is not exhausted. Mazteck is the number one choice of employers that want a surveillance system set up in their firms.

Mazteck is a leading provider of Voice Over IP telephone systems, security camera, and IT technology solutions. For more information, contact Mazteck at 973-272-2324 or use our online form.

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