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We will explain all it takes to transform active support to a proactive iceberg. Interestingly, you need not throwing pebbles at anyone. In fact, not even at your competitors. Below, we have made an outline of every hidden gem for outsourcing your Managed IT Services in NJ to the best managed IT service provider – Mazteck.

Do you want to know everything about outsourcing? Especially Managed Information Technology Services? On this exclusive service page of Mazteck. We’ll give you a piggy back ride, in/out of the outsourcing market.

What Are Managed Services (MS)?

Services management are technical business outsourcing toward reducing workforce risk. It’s a business activity, whereby an MSP take care of these business functions;

  1. Backup and disaster recovery
  2. Management of business website
  3. Computer support & software management
  4. Computer netowrking solution
  5. Hardware management & maintenance
  6. Security monitoring & management (Virus protection)
  7. Control of marketing automation platform
  8. Customer relationship optimization
  9. Administration of marketing automation platform
  10. Enterprise resource planning software oversight
  11. Cloud solutions
  12. Communication system installation & management

Most businesses require remote monitoring of these functions. However, an in-home technology management is best for disaster recovery. Before sinking into what MSP is, grab a chocolate, because we’re going to discuss the history of MSP.

A Flashback into Managed Services (History)

Everything started after the business period of break-fix. During the break-fix period, for business continuity, companies make outreaches to experts. Although this is only whenever there’s a break in their system. This outreach grew rapidly when ASP emerged in the 1990s.

Now, in this digitally-obsessed world. There are hundreds of MSPs vested with responsibilities like;

  • Data protection
  • Server virtualization
  • Data backup
  • Disaster recovery

Luckily, you have found Mazteck. We are a king among pawns on this technical chess of managed it services in NJ.

We promised never to leave a grain of sand unturned, right? See below, what MSP is.

What are Managed Services Providers (MSP)?

Without shoehorning, an MSP is an intellectual IT company. They’re mostly sought to add core values to IT network infrastructure. Furthermore, an MSP monitors and manages a business technology. They do this by accessing a computer system to iron-out wrinkled business functions.

Although 80% of IT services are rendered by remote monitoring. Notwithstanding, some high-end in-office IT supports yield business functions optimization.  Don’t know what business functions you may need MSP for? Scroll back to the last two headings.

Is your business New Jersey-based? See the section below on managed IT services in NJ.

Managed IT Services in NJ

New Jersey is known for its technological advancement. This is crystal obvious in the over 80 IT firms grooming the NJ net. In fact, alien companies beyond New Jersey wall perform outsource in New Jersey. Basically for a remote monitoring and technological assessment of their computer system. Unfortunately, this large population includes crooked service providers who provide low-end traditional help.

Fiercely, Mazteck is a pledged managed IT service provider in New Jersey & NYC. We distribute top-notch IT supports to every business firms in NJ. Largely to cloud-based industries needing multi-faceted help for advanced business functions like;

  1. Cloud services
  2. Helpdesk
  3. Backup & disaster recovery
  4. Computer networking repair & installation
  5. Computer repairs, maintenance & installation
  6. Hardware maintenance & management
  7. Website maintenance & complete solutions
  8. Security systems
  9. Business communication system (VoIP)

For proper and adequate cloud computing choose Mazteck. We are a drop-dead multi-faceted MSP.  We’ve got a thousand edges over every traditional help provider. This will be proved below.

Managed IT Services NJ

Traditional Managed Service (TMS)

 Traditional ICT supporters attend to direct internal problems in a short period. Unfortunately, the technological solutions provided don’t go beyond the fixing of;

  • Breaks in a network connection
  • Correction of network failure
  • Management of patches.

However, the functions of traditional MSP are within the three highlights below.

  • Patches management: When it comes to sending good patches, hand the troubles over to a TMSP. A real TMSP performs software analysis, test patches to ensure; safety, speed, and accuracy. And finally, send them out without throwing your customers into the water.
  • Quickie incident/problem management: Not ideally for critical incidents that take time and sophisticated devices. However, a traditional MSP is reliable for quickie solution for computer networks system break.
  • System administration: Upgrading customers’ services through technology infrastructure optimization. Traditional MSP save your IT staffs all the trouble.

The traditional MS is not too shabby, but not enough. Luckily, our advanced IT support services are a better roller coaster ride. See below.

Advanced Managed Services (AMS)

Swarming above the break-fix mentality. Mazteck’s advanced IT solutions solve critical problems by preventing them from happening, mostly. We are the go-to at this era of rapid digital transformation. Our must-have services include:

  1. Data center migration
  2. CIO consulting & virtual CIO
  3. Helpdesk support and remote technical support
  4. IT office relocation
  5. Business Communication system installation & support
  6. Computer installation & repair solutions
  7. Website management & complete solutions
  8. Business continuity solution
  9. Mobile device support & mobile device management
  10. Designs of a wireless network device and its implementation
  11. Disaster recovery
  12. Remote monitoring
  13. Managed cloud backup
  14. Office Security systems

Though the list is endless. However, cloud backup management is on the highest demand. Speaking of managed cloud backup. The cloud is subdivided into the private cloud and public cloud. Both of which we manage differently. We have harnessed the cloud to create an impact on the managed IT services market growth immensely. See below.

Managed IT Services Market Growth (A quickie)

Managed IT Services NJ Growth Chart

Source: IronPaper

Managed IT Services in NJ
Source: CompTIA

After the creation of cloud, ICT received a growth of 2.7% in 2017. According to an article on Forbes, by 2020, the market is predicted to be worth $411B. Interesting? This is why you need us as your best IT services firm. You have to do this quickly before the race gets tight. By then you will have to spend more than you can now.

See more reasons to hire Mazteck IT services firm below.

Why Hire an IT Services Firm (Mazteck especially)

Mazteck managed IT services in NJ come with a lot of juices. However, what triggers our customers keep coming is our hi-tech brain and resources employed in preventing and solving problems like;

  • Prevent high hardware costs
  • Escape cost of hiring qualified personnel
  • Break-free from high maintenance cost
  • Stimulate high business performance
  • Full IT solutions, saving the problem of outsourcing a professional

Top Complaints about Managed IT Support & Services

However great, IT management comes with a few cons. See below.

  • Cloud confusion
  • Network/data security
  • Incomplete IT solutions
  • Hardware/software issues
  • Poor backup strategies
  • Poor communication systems
  • Less expertise

Work With Mazteck!

Good news, you’re free from all the cons of IT support with Mazteck. We confidently draw all the benefits to your side with our hierarchical IT supports. Are you excited? Check out our packages & pricing table for managed IT services in NJ, feel free to sign up for the package of your choice & one of our representative will get back to you.

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