18 Sep 2018

Businesses of all sizes have one thing in common. They need to have the ability to stay in touch with their clients through telephone. And thanks to Voice over Internet Protocol or VOIP, businesses in New Jersey have more options today compared to previous years.

In the past, a business phone system is composed of two lines and an answering machine. But today, a phone system has features that include selective call forwarding, find-me-follow-me, and simultaneous ring to both the cell phone and desk phone. These are just some of the standard features of a hosted VOIP service.

Businesses will be more efficient with the use of VOIP. It provides a clear digital signal, whether the call is long distance or a local one. The cost of telephony technology continues to drop, as businesses no longer need to invest in expensive PBX hardware.

In the past, a New Jersey business has to look for phones, long distance, and other services from various vendors. Present day business phone systems have made it much easier for business owners to implement a new phone system. A solution provider can deliver an all-inclusive package that has all the latest features and unlimited minutes. It is common for a VOIP provider to include phones at a very competitive monthly fee.

Calls between VOIP systems are free, regardless of the location or duration of the call. By implementing a VOIP system in one’s business, the owner can reduce communication costs. This makes it ideal for regular communication between different work sites. By using the Internet for data transfer, internal calls via VOIP will have no additional cost. The business can easily do video calls or chat with overseas contacts.

Business owners don’t need to rely on a phone technician to maintain the business phone system. With a VOIP system, business owners can make changes with a couple of clicks on an online portal. There’s no need to physically rewire the network to accommodate a new employee or change a prompt.

VOIP also allow employees to work while they’re out of the office. Sales representatives can have their calls forwarded to their mobile phones while they’re in the field. Repair technicians can get customer service calls or new inquiries while they are on location. Workers can also work from home but still be connected to the business phone system.

VOIP levels the playing field because it allows business owners in New Jersey to get telephone features that were previously reserved for large companies. Features such as one number call routing, conference calling, and auto-attendant systems are available without the installation of expensive hardware. You can also customize the business phone system in real time, even if you don’t have any technical knowledge. This makes it a cost effective solution to your communication needs.
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