28 Oct 2018

how much does computer repair cost - Complete Pricing GuideEver crossed your mind to knock a hard rock against that screen? For every freelancer, geek, and Information technology organization, computers are indispensable. Notwithstanding, no matter how much care you give a PC, it depreciates by time. This depreciation appears as provoking technical problems in; power cable, operating system, adapters & power supply. And to cut them out, you will need to know how much does computer repair cost.

The list above is just a tip of the computer problems iceberg. While this may be true, faults in computers are in two divisions namely; Hardware problem & Software problem.

These two problems have continued plaguing every system, both high-end and low-end. Even the so-called hi-tech PCs are drowning in the same cold river. According to Fox News on May 20, 2016, PCs were lost  in 2016 to the problems below in great numbers;

  • Basic software/hardware troubleshooting difficulty
  • Unexpected reboots
  • Pop-up Ads and messages

Our computer recovery services claim a notable threat to even the top computer disaster below;

  • Slow loading or boot trouble (A system that won’t power on)
  • Crashed hard drive
  • Poor/no internet connection
  • Poor/no loading window or OS X
  • Poor/distorted Display
  • Liquid damage
  • Faulty cooling fans
  • Virus and malware

Is your PC losing its life to any of these faults? Like most businesses, the so-called professional geeks are your potential go-to. Painfully, they’re incompetent for a flawless desktop pc repair. In fact, our researches found a tiny percent to be reliable of the eight figures experts.

Sadly, numbered people have lost one or two systems to Crooks promising cheap computer repair. And this is a common problem even in large IT companies. On the other hand, Mazteck doesn’t promise good services at flat fees. Otherwise, our cost represents the most reasonable laptop repair estimate online.

Broken Computer?

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Instead of a roughly estimated computer repair price list given on the spot, Mazteck does it accurately. Mazteck spends an hour, with a keen eye, on every gadget to give a precise computer repair rates.

However, our on-site computer repair quotes differ from online computer repair quotes. Want to have an overview of our price range?

Computer Repair Price List

Type of Repair

Estimated Cost

Hard drive Breakdown $100-225
Keyboard Dysfunction $80-195
Motherboard Issues $10-300
Charger & Power Issues $20-150
Liquid damage repair $99-250+
Fan Repair / Replacement $99-175+
Screen Replacement $125-225+
Laptop Hinge Restore $100-450
SSD Upgrade $150-400
Data Recovery $99-1000
Power Jack Replacement $100-200+
Virus Removal $49-100
RAM Upgrade $50-200

Are our computer repair charges comfortable, we also have some computer puzzles and solutions below. These solutions serve a first aid purpose, a sort of temporary computer problems solutions. Read on to find out the complete computer repair pricing list and cost breakdown on this page.

Cost Breakdown: Computer Problems and Solutions

Hard drive Breakdown: the hard disk is one of every electronic machine Furthermore, a breakdown of it affects every other machine component. Are you seeing hard disk failure almost all the time on that screen? Or it appears blank suddenly frequently? Those are few symptoms of a crash in the hard disk. More symptoms are; file corruption and slow PC, caused mainly by a virus.

Although, hard disk problems are usually moderate but can become catastrophic. An unexpected system crash is one of the catastrophic issues. Luckily, it can be temporarily solved by upgrading your system regularly. Replacing the HDD in every 3 years claim a good prevention.

Another critical issue is the detection problem. This is when your BIOS fail to detect the hard disk. As a first aid, replace the SCSI, ATA, or IDE; however a change of UPS is a good idea. To prevent this, provide adequate power supply to your pc. Lastly, a fault in hard disk appears as corrupted files.

A problem growing from inappropriate shutting down of the system. Avoid hibernation and closing of laptops without shutting down properly. But, is your machine savaged already? Demand for our super anti-virus service immediately to save your data from losing. Also, see our hard disk repair cost in our computer repair price list.

Keyboard dysfunction: roses are red and violets blue. But what about those jumbled keys in that keyboard?

Halloween starts just when your keyboard takes letter A for Z. According to Mazteck expert team, keyboard dysfunction shouldn’t be treated at home. Perhaps, your keyboard is not connecting to the computer. Or some keys are stuck.

However, getting a new one may be In addition, everyone knows it’s a work getting the right keyboard for a machine.

Shake a leg and demand for our laptop keyboard repair.

Motherboard issues: the motherboard houses the CPU, RAM, mass storage, and BIOS system. As a vital part of the electronic machine, an issue with it spreads like a plague. While a new motherboard may be an expensive option, we will get it fixed perfectly.

With Mazteck, save the money to be spent on a replace and get that motherboard back in shape.

Has your motherboard affected your system back up? It’s a piece of cake for us. Get it all done at Mazteck without having a single thing disassembled around your machine.

Is it your laptop? Our laptop motherboard short circuit repair cost is slim.

Charger & Power Issues: having power issues? Blame it on the power cord. No matter how strong a battery life is. No matter how long it last, the need for a recharge can’t be escaped.

Most laptop users trace cord problem to their laptop charger. And after getting the charger disassembled, they find it otherwise. As a matter of fact, checking along the cord is the only help from your end. By so doing, a break in the cord can be observed and taken care of.

Nonetheless, reaching out to Mazteck, of course, is the best step.

Liquid damage repair: computers are never water-friendly nor water-proofed. But what if you’ve got your morning coffee spilled over it and it’s inside already? Santa Clause won’t help or it will be too late before Christmas. And a local computer shop will do just the normal disassembling/drying/assembling you know.

Whether online or in-home, a true geek gives an on-spot quote for liquid damage repair. After all, it’s all about keeping out the water.

Nevertheless, no liquid damage repair cost goes below or beyond what we’ve given above.

Fan Repair / Replacement: a broken fan leads to overheating and dust.

Fan breakdown is inevitable; however, it’s caused mostly by a poor power supply. Furthermore, in most cases, the fan may be stuck and not broken. In that situation, tapping the fan area may do the trick. And as prevention, feed your machine rightly with power.

Want us to fix it fast? We’ll give you a free quote and get our fingers dirty bringing your fan back to life.

Broken laptop Screen Replacement: have a cracked laptop screen? Perhaps by a kid or a family pet.

Not every technician knows what screen type is right for a replacement. In addition, a wrong screen will lead to other screen related issues. Though a laptop screen repair shop may be a go-to but not ideally.

Luckily, we’ve got a quick-sweep laptop repair experts ready. Instead of a local laptop screen repair, go for Mazteck.

Get a free quote within an hour and make the right decision. Boasting the best laptop screen repair at a convenient cost, Mazteck is every screen savior.

Laptop Hinge Restore: many a hinge lack durability. Though being careful will make a system hinges last long.

What if yours are out of shape already? You can fix them fast by soldering.

How much does laptop hinge repair cost? That is a question thrown at us daily.

The cost to repair a broken laptop hinge varies from brand to brand. However, the higher end systems come with hinges with the high repair cost.

Be at peace, at Mazteck here, our laptop hinge repair cost won’t break your account. While that is so, our overall pc repair cost won’t cut into your wallet.

SSD Upgrade: upgrading an SSD space varies from size to size. Unfortunately, you can’t do this alone.

Most agents charge hourly fees which may be too expensive. But at Mazteck, we charge according to the space you want to save, plus a free quote.

Power Jack Replacement: power jack repair mostly calls for an overall dismantling of pc. And this is a sensitive case you won’t want to give just anybody.

Our price range is listed above in case our services interest you.

Virus Removal: Have a corrupted window? That is a symptom of a virus.

Virus removal goes beyond system formatting. You may even be using the wrong anti-virus. Fiercely, Mazteck team knows what anti-virus is best for you.

Data Recovery: what tier type is your pc? This is a must know before performing a date recovery.

We will determine that for you before writing you a price quote. However, see our price range list for a deep insight.

RAM Upgrade: your computer system will soon get terribly slow. Sounds bad, right? Memory upgrade price is not uniform as there are different kinds of memory.


Pulling our team together, we’ve created a professional rescue team for every device. Here at Mazteck, our computer repair technicians include die-hard geeks. In addition, our hardware restoration group is a house of computer sages. Many of which have spent half their life building/rebuilding electronic devices.

We are known as bullies against every software/hardware fault almost all-over the world.

Mazteck is a king among the pawns in this chess of hardware/software treatment.

Our high-end computer repair services at a reasonable cost will continue to ring a loud bell. Fiercely, our approach is crystal different.

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