Phone services can be a costly expense for enterprises, particularly as the workforce becomes more widely geographically distributed and mobile-dependent. In order to control spending and improve overall productivity, businesses can leverage Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems, which are more cost-effective and scalable to use than traditional options.

Rachel Greenberg reported that hosted PBX VoIP solutions are significantly cheaper than analog service and additionally, billing is based on how many extensions are actually needed in the business. Greenberg also pointed out that most VoIP providers have plans that offer unlimited calling in the United States, which means that long-distance and out of state fees are eliminated. Many providers also have special pricing for international calling or free unlimited minutes to specific destinations. Even without these special deals, she stressed that international minutes are far less costly than with traditional phone services, with charges as low as $0.01 to $0.10 per minute.

Virtual Strategy asserted that the ability to make budget-friendly long distance calls is especially beneficial as enterprises are depending more on global connectivity for success. As many providers allow firms to choose different area codes from all over the world, firms can increase market appeal in a specific region and allow local customers to reach them more easily.

Customized services

One of the greatest advantages to VoIP is its inherent scalability. Greenberg revealed that extensions can be added and removed quickly and easily, without the help of a technician. Tiered pricing also means that the more extensions a business needs, the lower each extension costs, which further helps control spending. Greenberg noted that some providers also offer extensions for mobile and remote employees. This option enables businesses to support telework initiatives because users are plugged into the main office PBX system and reachable through the main business directory. Additionally, Virtual Strategy emphasized that VoIP works on any Internet-enabled device, including smartphones, computers and tablets, offering further flexibility.

To reap the rewards of VoIP service, Greenberg revealed that all businesses need is an Internet connection, meaning tech savvy is not required for integration. The features of these solutions are also becoming more advanced with time. According to Greenberg, many providers offer IP faxing and video conferencing, as well as other add-ons. No matter a business’ telephony budget and requirements, VoIP can offer dramatic cost savings and other benefits for a considerable competitive advantage.

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