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Our desktop repair service is designed to improve health of your desktop PC, your Computer Experience & your Computer’s Life!

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Complete Desktop PC Repair

We provide computer repair services for desktops in affordable prices! With so many years of experience under our belt, we’ve managed to position ourselves as the complete computer repair provider in NJ & NYC. We offer a wide range of desktop repair services, including hardware repair, software repair, casing repair/replacement that aims to improve the user’s love for computers.

Why would someone need Desktop Repair Service?

We operate largely on our computers, storing very important files and information in them. In very many ways, our day to day activities depends on it, whether business related or otherwise. Hence, when the computer starts slowing down or acting up, it’s easy to get frustrated. That’s where we, as Mazteck, come in.

desktop repair service

Among our computer repair services, we offer specialized desktop repair service for all our clientele.  Be it a blue screen of death, slow or no internet, damaged casing, ram repair, graphics card repair, slow computer, desktop computer servicing, hard disk faults, damaged motherboard, or anything else. There’s literally nothing we can’t fix. Let’s take a look at some of the desktop repairs that we offer at Mazteck.

Few of Our Desktop Repair Services:

Software & Driver Upgrades

To keep the computer performing at its best, it is imperative that you upgrade your software/driver regularly. Be it an update of your operating system or updating your installed software or drivers including graphics driver, sound driver or any driver. It is essential to ensure that your software upgrades are legitimate and won’t further damage your computer. “There have been cases where individuals upgraded and installed new software, only to lose all their data. At Mazteck, we perform safe and reliable software upgrades/updates effectively.”

Data Transfer & Backup

As part of our desktop repair service, we offer our clientele data transfer & backup services. Making a backup before diagnosing the issue is really important in order to secure your important data. Whether you would like to transfer data from your old PC to a new PC or making a backup to secure your precious files, we can do that whilst ensuring no data is lost.

Hardware Repair & Upgrades

When it comes to hardware problems, it ranks as one of the top issues that most PC users deal with. A hardware problem is often hard to identify. It will, however; impact the productivity of your computer significantly. We’ll run an intensive diagnostic on your computer to help determine the state of your hardware. If it is repairable, we can fix it. If it is beyond repair, we can replace your computer’s hardware at a modest price. We also offer computer hardware upgrades at affordable prices.

Internet Connectivity Repair

As convenient as the internet can be, it can also expose users to a number of risks. From hackers and viruses that may lead to a host of internet problems. Slow connectivity and the inability to open up email attachments are just a few of the problems you’re likely to experience. Our certified system engineers can pinpoint the problem instantly before fixing it. Be it your LAN driver issue or hardware issues related to your LAN card, we can fix it all.

Looking for Laptop Repair?

We extend our services to windows laptops and Apple laptops. These portable devices present their own variety of problems due to their fragile nature. One accidental fall could potentially damage your laptop, internally as well as externally. At Mazteck we can repair and upgrade your laptops at amazing prices, few of our services:

  • Screen Repairs
  • Malware & Virus Removal
  • Data Recovery
  • Performance
  • Broken laptop Keys
  • Battery Replacements & Much More…

desktop repair service

FAQ’s Based On Desktop Repair Service

Why am I having problems connecting to the internet?

Having problems connecting to the internet can be due to a number of reasons. It could be due to your internet configuration, Firewall malfunction, unplugged router, driver issue, and hardware issue among other reasons.

How to know if my computer has a virus?

If your computer is slow, keeps crashing or constantly switches itself on and off, you could have a virus. Check if your security solution is enabled first. If you do not have an anti-virus, it is essential that you install a reputable one onto your computer for maximum virus protection.

Does a full disk space indicates hardware damage? Moreover, Can it slow down a computer?

Not at all. The lack of disk space only indicates that there’s no more free space in a particular partition on your main hard drive. However, the lack of a disk space on your hardware can cause your pc to work at a slower speed but it doesn’t indicate hardware damage.

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