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Complete Computer Repairing Solution

When it comes to the best computer repair, Mazteck is the most reliable and affordable option. Our technicians are all A+ and Microsoft Certified System Engineers. That means you will always have an expert working on setting up your new PC or fixing the existing one.

With about 90% of people today using computer devices in the home or in the office, at one point they are going to run into problems and will need someone with the experience such as Mazteck to help.

Computer Repair Services NJ

Why Hire Mazteck for your Computer Repair?

You should rely on someone that knows what they are doing. Mazteck is your best option for computer repairs and troubleshooting. Nobody has done more successful Hardware Installations, fixes & software upgrades in the entire area than us.

No job is too big or too small for us. Be it a small memory installation for Home or a full system-wide server and database upgrade or installation for the Office. Mazteck is more than ready to bring you the best and most professional solution in affordable prices! Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Our certified technicians make us the best place for computer repair services and we promise 100% client satisfaction.

Few of Our Computer Repair Services:

Desktop Repair Services

We are a specialized company for desktop PC repairs. Desktop PC’s are old but they are still the most used devices. Most businesses use desktop PC’s in their office, thus, we offer a separate solution for them.

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Apple Mac Repair Services

Because of the different nature and operating system of Apple Mac’s it is essential that the repair is carried out by a person who is an expert in fixing Mac computers. Mazteck has the most professional technicians that are focused on fixing the Mac Laptops and PC’s.

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Laptop Repair Services

A laptop is lightweight and different in nature thus at Mazteck, we take care of them separately. We offer laptop repair services in which we fix the broken LCDs, motherboards, batteries and much more.

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Apple Laptop Repair Services

The lightweight and portable nature of an Apple Mac laptop increase its susceptibility to damage. As previously stated, Apple fixes must be carried out by an Apple professional. However, we can proudly say that Mazteck has a professional team to fix your Apple Laptops.

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Some of the problems that we can fix in no time:

Are you facing any issue listed in the below list? Let’s Fix It!

  • Your computer won’t start
  • PC is running slow or freezing
  • The laptop is randomly rebooting
  • Laptop or PC is overheating
  • Cannot connect to the Internet or frequently drops out
  • Computer software installation services
  • Other problems…

Computer Repair Services

Computer Repair & Maintenance Solution for Businesses

Computer Setup & Network Installation Service

As a leading IT company & managed IT service provider, Mazteck, offers computer setup and network installation service. If you have just started a new business or looking to upgrade computers in your office, this is the right service for you. Our professionals help setting up the PC’s or laptops in the offices, according to the budget and requirements. You don’t have to worry anymore about the specifications or models, we can guide you from scratch.

We also help you in setting up a complete network in your office. So your employees can connect to the internet and grow your business. 



Computer Repair & Maintenance Service

You have a running business with running PC’s or laptops, but can you afford any of your devices to go down? At Mazteck, we offer monthly computer repair and maintenance service in which we diagnose your systems for errors and issues. Our technicians are experts in their field and can make your office PC’s work like new.
We currently take care of many clients on a monthly basis. Whether you’re a hospital or a showroom, we make sure that your computer system is well equipped and healthy.

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FAQ’s Based On Our Computer Repair Services

How long does it take to diagnose and repair a computer?

The duration depends on the issue. It can take anywhere from 5 minutes to a whole day to diagnose the error and once the error is caught, it can be fixed in no time.

What should i do if my computer is slow?

Old softwares, low disk space, operating system and virus, anything can cause a PC to slow down. Updating your windows and freeing up disk space can help you make it run faster. Checking your specifications and upgrading it is also an option to make it run faster.

My computer is still running slow, should I upgrade it?

It is true that speed is related to the specifications, but as we mentioned earlier, the operating system, old softwares, and disk space can also cause a PC to slow down. Before upgrading it, make sure that it is updated with all the latest drivers and patches and have enough disk space to run smoothly.

If this doesn’t work, go for an upgrade!